Electrical laboratory services

The main activity of the electrical measuring laboratory (ETL) is comprehensive preventive diagnostics of power plants at various facilities.

Test reports, acts, conclusions, technical reports issued by ETL have legal force for government bodies exercising control in the field of industrial and environmental safety in the energy and construction sectors.

Our electrical laboratory conducts the following types of tests:

Tests organized upon delivery of finished objects. Based on the results of electrical measurements, a report is drawn up, the data from which is taken into account when putting buildings into operation.

Regular studies that allow monitoring various equipment parameters to ensure compliance with the requirements.

Preventive measurements. Their goal is to identify faults, eliminate breakdowns, bring devices and devices into compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents and safety standards.

Rates for research in the laboratory depend on the list of objects being studied and tests that are carried out to establish indicators.

Technical equipment of the electrical engineering laboratory:

Voltamperphasometer RS-30
Megaohmmeter E6-31
Metrel "Electrical installation parameters meter"
Microohmmeter IKS-30A
Test device "MERCURY-3/100"
Megaohmmeter PSI-2530
Device for measuring relay protection parameters "Retom 21.3"
Device for testing current releases of automatic circuit breakers UPTR-3МЦ
Voltage indicator PIN 90-2M
High voltage indicator UVN-10SZ TF
Phase sequence indicator UPF -2500
Electrical clamps Ts4505M
High-voltage discharge-grounding rod DSR-100K
High-voltage test apparatus AVITs-70
High-voltage test bath AVITs-20P
Cell for testing transformer oil.