Civil engineering

"CONTACT INTERNATIONAL" LLC represents a range of services in civil engineering. We combine a construction and design organization, which allows our specialists to implement the most daring ideas, while achieving high quality in construction work. Our company has serious experience both in the construction of classic houses made of brick or timber, and in projects using more modern and innovative materials for the construction of private houses.

Currently, having a cottage or country house is becoming a symbol of success and comfort. Some people consider such comfort unattainable, but our company’s specialists will prove the opposite to you. Using an engineering approach to developing projects and drawing up estimates will allow our clients to save significantly at the initial stage of construction, and a quality system built on constant control will make it possible to ultimately get the home of your dreams.

In addition to existing standard projects, our specialists are ready for individual developments, taking into account all the conditions put forward by the customer. Regardless of the type of construction, our company guarantees quality and compliance with the deadlines allocated for construction.

Our fleet includes:

Works involving excavation, movement, placement and compaction
Construction of strip, columnar, pile and slab foundations
Masonry of external and internal walls of buildings and structures
Construction of rafter system and roof
Interior and exterior decoration of buildings
Tile (tile) works
Any plumbing work. Installation of heating, water supply and sewerage systems
Electrical wiring, installation of switches and sockets, installation of electrical equipment, cable laying
Window installation, installation of plastic and metal-plastic windows
Painting the floor, walls, ceiling, facade. Wallpapering and painting, artistic stucco work