About company

Our mission is to create prosperity through construction

"KONTAKCT INTERNATIONAL" LLC is a construction company that carries out a full range of works in the field of development of oil and gas fields: construction, reconstruction, maintenance of oil and gas production and transportation facilities.  

We provide high-quality services throughout the entire chain of construction of industrial, civil and social facilities, build comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly spaces for living and working, realize the potential of territories, customers and employees, working in the spirit of partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation.  

The use of mobile concrete-mortar units available from the company allows us to avoid downtime in construction, thereby saving time and money. Thanks to modern automation tools, it is possible to significantly reduce the labor intensity of production, without compromising the quality of the concrete mixture.

In a situation where the classic (with digging of trenches) laying of communications is undesirable or impossible, the Company uses modern technologies that allow the work to be carried out taking into account the specifics of any construction project. In these cases, the HDD method is used with its special drilling rigs, which make it possible not to disturb the top layer of soil. A large fleet of special equipment allows us to lay underground pipelines with a diameter of 50 to 1000 mm, without damaging the existing road surface, landscaping elements, water barriers and other communications.

Core values

• Everything we do is based on the idea of ​​quality.

• If we take on something, we do it with full dedication.

• Whatever we do, we do it better than anyone else.

• We understand that time is the most valuable resource for us and our partners.

• All our actions are aimed at achieving results in the shortest possible time, without compromising quality.

• We react flexibly to changes and quickly adapt to new conditions.

• We work systematically - we do everything according to company regulations.

• All employees adhere to company policies and procedures, regardless of their previous experience in other companies. This ensures a uniform quality standard and eliminates the possibility of introducing subjective features into work processes.

• We care about the safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the environment.

• We strictly comply with all safety, health and environmental regulations and standards.

1. Reconstruction of flare shafts and gas pipelines FVD, FND with KSB

2. Multiphase and vacuum compressor station at the Chistinnoye field

3. Multiphase and vacuum pumping station at the Achimovskoye field

1. Booster pumping station at the Novo-Pokurskoye field

2. Booster pumping station at the West Ust-Balykskoye field

1. Industrial and storm drainage system RVS - 3000 cubic meters. m. No. 1,2,3,4 at TsPPN-1 at the Novo-Pokurskoye field. Stage 3

2. Reconstruction of the gas condensate reception and storage unit at the AKSPN TsPPN-2 Aganskoye field

1. Booster pumping station at the Achimovskoye field

2. Booster pumping station at the Chistinnoye field

3. Gas turbine power plant at the Taylakovskoye field